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2008 Lexus Is 250 Sports Luxury For Sale

Darren Asuncion

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knew someone who would be interested in a 2008 Lexus IS-250 Sports Luxury.

Don't get me wrong, the car is fantastic and it is a regretful sale but sometimes you just have to let go! :(

I have it up on carsales and I'm looking to trade in as a worst case scenario.

So far I've been offered under 50K by the car dealers which is horrible given the car is only 18m old and so fully loaded!

I bought my Lexus Feb 2008, and upgraded to 18 inch original Lexus wheels.

I had the dealer organise for an i-Pod integration Kit and tinted windows. The car has a protective boot mat as well as over-ride switching for touch screen/DVD input when car is not in park mode.

It has always been garaged, regularly detailed and leather always conditioned.

No accidents, non-smoking driver/passengers, immaculate inside and out.

Fully serviced and retains balance of warranty plus Lexus 'Wash for Life' services through Lexus of Brighton.

For pics and more details please refer to the carsales ad:

Carsales Ad

If anyone is interested, please send me a message. :lol:

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Unfortunetly, $59,999 is a little much for a private. Dealers will ask this much though,

I think if you want a quick sale $52,000 is more reasonable.

The ks are letting you down.

We just bought a december 08 with warranty starting as of MArch 09 with 6,000ks for $55000 from a dealer with (Prestige not SL)

Tints were done as well as a free 15k service Moet and Chandon some umbrellas. and the usual dealer crap. :)

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Thanks for the input mate.

Well, I can only be guided with what other people are selling.

Someone else privately has a 36,000km car for 62K. The dealers are advertising for no better than 59,888K from what I see.

My asking price is $59K but very negotiable...though 52K is really low IMHO.

I dunno, anyone else have any thoughts?

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Its sad as 3 months ago I would have bought it. I ended up getting a December 08 model with 6,000kms with roof and mark l for $55,000 drive away including governemnt fees and all.

Good luck I believe your price is right just advertise in as many place as you can , Carsales Trading Post. Ebay classified just open your market and you will have a sale in no time.

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