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Hi Folks,

I have a 2008 SL, and the door chime alarm has to be one of the most annoying I've ever come across. It is particularly intrusive when cleaning the car as I'd like to have the drivers' door open and listen to the radio/CD - but for some unknown reason, Lexus has decided that an alarm needs to ring.

The other really annoying door chime alarm, is when I've switched off the car without putting it back into park and then opened the door. For example, I reverse the car and then turn it off, realise I've left it in reverse and put it into park, then open the drivers door - again an alarm, and a very agitated one! I'm completely unclear as to why this situation is so grave: if it was a big problem to turn the car off when in reverse, then surely you fix that by not allowing the car to be turned off (since you have to do this via a button anyways).

I've done a search of the forum and seen other folks ask on the door chime, and a search of the web generally, but I've not as yet been able to track down a solution... so I thought I'd post to see if the collective brains trust has some thoughts!



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