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Hey guys,

I know a guy who is a writer at SPEED magazine. As part of the Supra club, one succesfull way we promoted the club, was to put an add in the magazine, it worked real good, got emails straight away!

So, What do you guys think? I should be able to get another add in for nothing (hopefully), Im assuming most IS owners would read Speed over Hot4s/fast fours etc, but I can probably get one in Fast Fours also.

What should I include in the add??


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that would be something shane..


im not a fan of hots fours as I used to be.. too commercialised and not enough info.

though i had puchased a few editions of speed and think that its an awesome magazine. I like the reviews on other toys / gadgets as well.. like electronices and fashion.. u know.. just to break up the auto...

yea... im sure every one is down with this idea !!! I think we should forward all emails to matt's inox !! hhahaha :D

he can take care of these things !!

we got a matt of NZ.. and now one of sydney... ahahahaa

you guys ROCK!!! go the thunderbird movie !!! hahahaha

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an article or a spread in one of those mags or even an ad. would be great for the club.. especially if we can get the ad. for free.

but as a club.. where would we want to take it (the club) afterwards?

is there some way we can incorporate our nz counterparts? do we want to? if so, how will they incorporate us over in nz? what happens after the initial influx of "enquiry" emails after the magazine spread? are there opportunities to open up channels for cash injection and progress the club further than just an online community? do we just want nzloc as an online community only? do we currently have enough members to contribute to taking this club further that extra step? nzloc have had their own stand in car shows.. do we want to follow the same path?

etc, etc..

all are valid questions.. and there are heaps more.

just looking this perspective from a business view.. which is what all organised clubs are.. a business. maybe at the end of the day we might just want this chance for exposure into the "limelight" and nothing more.

just though i'd open this topic up for discussion..

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hmm does anyone here work with some marketing or pr people or is good at approaching businesses? what we can try to do is set up something like what they have in UKloc where they have gold members which have discounts with all participating lexus dealers, in which members pay a small fee to be part of

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bullseye mark... hehhe

marketing... no sweat... only problem... finance / capital ...

yep.. thats always an issue...

This is a start...

maybe if everytime we have a car cruise.. everyone can donate $5.00 or $10.00 or whatever... to cover any cost in promoting ...

for starters.. i'd get club stickers, banners, cards, etc...

but you have to know what you want to promote...

the bottom line is...

what does a member get out of joing the "club"... besides this forum.

a lexus dealer sponsorship would be awesome !! heheh wishful thinking.

Ok.. I have noticed a jump in new members lately - so thats a good thing.

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good point f_lex and exeter.

although from a new member point of view.. i would not want to fork out money for a cruise with a club that has nothing to offer if u know what i mean?

sorting out channel distribution, and aftermarket parts, and logistics, sponsorship would be a good starting point for any club.. then we can offset how much we could offer membership cost to members?

channel distribution is a great club venture to sort out with our nz counterparts, as we know this has been successful and is ongoing up to this point.

the discussion is also open to NZ members :D

maybe a mod can move this thread appropriately in the general discussion forum?

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^ true that, and the new members are nice and active too!

maybe we can have a joining 'fee' in which we get a starters pack or something including stickers, cards and stuff

maybe the 'opportunity' to display their lex at autosalon under the 'club'.

essentially i think we need a sponsorship of some sort that not only gives the public incentive to join, but also bringing business for our sponsor company

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Not crucial, but I moved it. We need a topic called "very important posts".... :D

I've also wondered about the structure of the club and the Gold system. We would need to have some in-depth talks with Matt McNally about how the UK club set it all up.

We need a certain minimum number of ppl in a city when suddenly a dozen cars turn up to a meeting and go somewhere together. I think we are close to that in Auckland, and from then on it becomes a social face-to-face club as well as an online community.

Where shall we start?


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Regarding Speed Magazine

SPEED magazine - LOVE SPEED magazine. They used to have write ups on clubs, and now i think they have a page which lists various clubs - we could easily get listed there just by writing in, but it would be nice to actually get a photoshoot and a small article???!! Just flicked thru issue 12 - it has a full article on a RexNet cruise, AND the DTM club boys. We would need eight cars AT LEAST to get the interested, though.

Regarding Car Clubs

Well, there are a couple of club types, and really, it depends upon what you want to get out of your club experience.

i have found that clubs like the Clio Sport club i hang with are just a bunch of guys with a shared passion for a specific car, and cars and driving in general. We good on drives together, and share info on problems, mods, dealerships etc.

then you have more organised clubs like the MX5 club of Australia, Toymods etc. You can drive with these clubs without being a member, of course, and participate in the online forums etc. But if you become a member and pay your annual fees you get stickers, caps, newsletters etc.

To charge an annual fee will require incorporation of the club, which means money up front to become an official club who can charge money. Furthermore, you will need a decent number of members to support this, and a good influx of members to keep things going.

Toymods is a good example of what you can do, as they have some cool stickers and things, but you can drive with them without being a member.

Toymod Membership

The key thing here, though, is your membership gets you club DISCOUNTS with particpating workshops etc. This is what people look for when they sign up, generally. This means, you need sponsorship and support of some kind from a workshop.

In the UK they have TDI Powertuning who specialise in the Altezza. The MX5 clubs have MX5mania.com.au who support them alot. WE need to find, or make our own :o workshop who actively support Altezza drivers, and bother to know more about Altezza's then the next workshop.

I know a few workshop owners, so i can ask around if people like. I'm quite certain Eric from BEL would be interested - i will have a chat to him about a possible 'club discount' if you guys like?


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shane you will need to ask for the deadline for the cover for issue 16 to interview/meet the club in sydney. and when the mag will commit to a spread for issue 16.

lock it in! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

if there are some interstate guys making the trek.. then i think they will want to know as far in advance as possible..

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Sounds wicked guys - Speed mag rocks - and it's still only $8.95 over here which is pretty good. Anything we could get in there would be great! Even though it's an Austalian magazine, I think you'd find there's a fair few NZ readers too.

On the marketing topic - I'm not having a lot of luck with the business cards we have here. Perhaps it's the cards; perhaps it's just too hit and miss. As mentioned before, a lot of Lexus owners are just wealthy matured men, not necessarily car enthusiasts! An ad in Speed or getting that kind of coverage if possible is much more likely to find the "right" kind of people. Stands at car shows and stuff too, of course...!

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