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Lpg Conversion For Ls400/celsior

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Hello to all Lexus/Celsior owners,

I would like to say that I am licensed to do LPG conversions and there is a kit for the LS400.

My car currently has LPG gas in it and it drives like a dream. The tank fits in the spare wheel compartment and there is adequate room for the converter to be mounted.

LPG Conversion for the LS400 is priced at $2800 Inc GST and you get the gov rebate of $1750.

The car doesn't lose power, you almost cannot feel the difference. So instead of spending approx. $80 to $110 dollars on fuel that will probably take on about 400 - 450km. It would only cost you about just under $50 dollars for the same distance.

If you are interested, send me an email.

I'm located in south east of Melbourne.

Cheers to all from


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Hi there having decided to keep my excellent LS400 I have decided to fit LPG however I cannot find someone familiar with the LS400 to do so. I am in Melbourne Australia an would appreciate help with a contact. I have tried to contact UFC10_celsior on the telephone and email listed without success..Help please appreciated. my email ringtrev2@aapt.net.au

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