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I recently drove a few new and old is250s and noticed most of them, the stick was felt loose as i drove over bumps. At "D", when going over bumps i can feel the stick shakes from it's position, much like it's gone loose. I was shocked to notice this on a new is250 (the upgraded model).

Will using the manual mode too much lead to this?

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Never noticed this, I use my car almost everyday - Auto and manual modes. I don't jam it into gears as such...

These IS250's you speak of, Are they Lexus loaner cars? I drove a newer model IS250 and it was in a bad condition compared to my car.

I think courtesy and loan cars get abused alot.

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It was a customer's car, and this was the upgraded model. I tend to put my hand over the stick when i drove and this was when i felt the looseness when goving over bumps. It was very loose. Other cars was loose but not as bad.

I rarely use the manual mode on my car, so it's all hard :P

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