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Intro'in My Self And My 1jz Is200

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Hi guys

been on the forums for a while but every introduced my self - just looked at posts.

my name is jesse and i live in Adelaide Hills, SA

my baby is an is200 1999 that is 85% of its way thru a JZA70 motor conversion.

only bits left to do are suspension (prob going to be coilovers) and a clutch pack lsd.

im not sure if its the only legal regency registered one of these in SA

car is a 1999 with a twin turbo 1jz with an r154 manual, also done up sound system (car computer) etc etc. it has a full legana / altezza body kit.

thats about it!


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I'm also new in the Australian Forum, but i'm not from down under separate from Austria.

I do want a 1JZ Conversion on my IS200 and my question is: who made it for you, or is it made all by yourselfe?

greets from Central Europe

had a mate help me out with it all.

its not a straight forward conversion but its not too bad. if you use the single turbo vvti it would be easier

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