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The Stock Rs200 Intake Box

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well ..whilst fiddling around with the nitrous install i noticed the flapper door on the intake box. Its for the induction scoop that gets the air from the front of the bonnet. This thing is closed most of the time...after revving the engine it would open up after i let off the throttle (was doing it in the engine bay by hand). Ive since removed the electronic bit and plugged the vacuum port on the throttle body.

HOLY *BLEEP*! the car is a butt load more even.....no where near as peaky as it was before. The top end power is just amazing! It just pulls and pulls. I can break these 45 series tires like my old 35series now :D

If any of you havent dont this yet...do it! Ill post pix of what im talking about later on tonight.

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