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I would be very suprised if you actually got 14Kw out of just a chip.

From my experience with IS 200 with the 1G-FE engine, i just did a 2.5" exhaust with hi flow cat and N1 tip [4.5"]

TRD drop in air filter

Apex-i SAFC II

Put it on the dyno a couple of week ago - 90Kw at the wheels. Not sure what that is at the engine around 130Kw - 140Kw i am guessing. [please correct me anyone if i am wrong here]

I would advise to get at least the cat and exhaust done before you look at a chip or SAFC II.

I am planning to get a Trust POD style filter off Frylai when he gets back to HK and dyno again. I am hoping to squeeze a few more KW from doing that.

Apart from that the only next step is turbo or supercharger, which is extremely expensive.

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I assume the catalytic converter is the main power drain in the exhaust. This makes the cat-back exhaust pipe good for only a better sound.

Has anyone fitted a larger cat converter to overcome this? Are there cats off a V8 Lexus that have larger flow rates?


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I put a high flow cat on my IS 200, can feel a big difference mid - top end. My launch from stop is still a bit weak though, not sure how to address that one. I am still in 2 minds whether to do the manifold to the cat 2.5" to finish the whole system. Would be very pricey i would think and am not too sure how much benefit i would get on 1G-FE.

I dont think the V8 would have a higher flow because it is a V8. Why would it need to? It is a v8 after all. Could be wrong though.



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