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hey guys

i heard quite some time ago about a throttle problem with some toyotas and lexus'

did that problem ever happen to a IS250 model in australia?? or a RX330??

i herad the throttle gets stuck and it just goes top speed and starts redlining the car, and u either have to slam the brakes as hard as u can, and also try putting the car in neutral and turn the engine off, but is it even possible to turn the key when the car is in Drive? i accidently left my RX330 in D and tried turning the engine off and the key doesnt turn

thanks for any info

just that i dont wanna die when i wasnt even meant to speed, lol

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Apparently it had something to do with a modified drive-by-wire system the US models get for emissions purposes. Apparently it doesn't affect us or Japanese models.

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thats good to know..... i've been in that exact situation about 10 years ago in my first car!

ironically it was a toyota as well! didn't end well, being inexperienced i didn't know to turn off the car, and

decided to run into a pole as brakes/handbrakes didn't work!

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decided to run into a pole, lol

anyway, good to know that its only the american cars that are affected

i dont have to worry anymore, :D

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I asked my Toyota mechanic friend of mine about this the other day. He said to date there hasn't been any runaway acceleration issues affecting any Australian vehicle sold, and did also confirm that he thought the initial reaction (remove floor mats) by Toyota in the USA was time stalling while they found a solution to the run away acceleration problem. Anyhow, in summary he said he has not received a bulletin for this issue in Australian IS250s, Avalons, Camrys, Rav4s, etc. Phew.

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Only U.S Toyota vehicles affected.

List of affected cars:

2009- Corolla

2009- Matrix

2007- Camry

2005- Avalon

2009- Rav4

2010 Highlander

2007- Tundra

2008- Sequoia

With the US cars using a different component supplier for the left hand drive accelerator pedals this doesn't affect any Australian cars at all.

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