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Hi All,

New to this club and look forward to taking part in future discussions where I can be of help or am seeking advice.

Prior to getting the Lexus last year in August I was a Nissan Patrol person. 3 in a row with the last being a 4.5 TI on Induction LPG that did 90% of its 370,000 K's on Gas.

The 470 had 138,000 on the clock when I got it and I converted to LPG Parnell Injection system straight away. Runs like a dream on gas and I am getting the same fuel consumption as I did on Petrol - 14-15 ltrs per 100K's (I live in the country - Latrobe Valley, Victoria)

Not wanting to spoil the look of my new pride and joy, I decided not to go for the spare wheel carrier on the back, instead I injected the tyres with some of the automatic puncture repair goo and also invested in a couple of pressure pack repair cans and a good 12 volt compressor. Have done 154,000 now and have not had a failure yet!!!! Only time will tell.

I pull a 2.5 tonne full size caravan and it handles it so much better than the nissan patrol. When I go on any extended trips the spare tyre in the back of the 470 or in the caravan.

I am in the process of fitting HID's into the low beam projector headlights as I find the halogon globes to be inadequate.

I am also a member of the LCOOL forum and the US IH8Mud forum. Both very good sites for info and advice.


Frank Miller

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Hi all,

New to the forums. Just upgraded from a Hyundai Elantra to a 2005 Lexus IS250 Sports in silver. I am loving the car and all the cool things like HID lights, Mark Levinson Stereo, GPS, Bluetooth etc. I work in IT but also run a photography business so would like to go to a few meets and take some piccys and meet other proud Lexus owners.




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