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Stock Springs -_-

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Hey guys and girls,

I am new here by the way so I should introduce myself I guess, my name is Isaac and I am from Canberra, I bought my first car not long ago, a 1999 IS200.

I have to renew rego for it very soon but unfortunately the springs on the car at the moment are like 2cm too low to be legal in the ACT, so I am looking around for some stock springs.

I guess I have a few questions, first up, if anybody in the ACT wants to lend me their stock springs for a few days for a case or something that would be awesome.

If not, does anybody know if I can buy springs that will fit and be legal height not directly from lexus, as the lexus stock ones are fairly expensive.

I have tried wrecking yards, but the only ones I found were in QLD and they didnt want to sell the springs by themselves.

Thanks in advance :)

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Oh and I forgot to mention, when I went to do the ID check (because the car was previously registered in NSW) they said my rear windscreen and back passenger windows were too tinted, but I was under the impression those windows were just a different colour glass.

"Privacy glass" or whatever they call it.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

Thanks again.

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Hay mate,

I don't know if this is going to help but are you still after some stock springs?? I know this reply is like ages after your post but I'm very new and just saw your post, also I'm in Canberra so that's handy,

Let me know,

Best Regards


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