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Okay guys

this is it the final pricing for the Tein S-techs

We are looking at 450-480 AUD each for the group buy set..

It's gonna cost us 660 USD for shipping for a set of 10 or 440 USD for a set of 5

that should cover us in import taxes and custom duties

so with a set of 5 springs the price will be 480 AUD (shipping and import duties all included)

Or if we get 10 people we got a a 30 dollar saving of 450

1,6" drop in the front

1.2" drop in the rear



So whos in




And Denis can you please sticky this thread?

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Not a bad price really. Like we spoke about earlier, Fulcrum have it for about the $600+ mark. Worth while if you get the numbers!!

Where you want the thread pinned Dan?............................In our 250 forum or in the general group buy section???

Let me know and I shall do!!!wink.gif

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nope 450 is already shipping and duties already inlcuded

interstate will be extra

but not much i think around another 50 or so to get it shipped to your door

once we order the springs and they come in

ill be going to be pick them up myself at the airport

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Mate i have absolutly no idea.. Shameful to say I don't know the specifics..

The drop you noted that the springs will give seem close to what im after.. I dont want to dump the car on its ass so to speak. I just want to fix its stance up abit, its riding rather high with the 20s at the moment.

Any idea of where I could find the information I need to determin the best spring set?

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heres a Is350 (sports) lowered on Tein Stech


That front and rear looks to sit evenly, but how would it be if the front is 1.6" and the rear is 1.2" ?

The stock (for Prestige) have the front lower than the rear by 10mm (1cm or so).

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i just assumed from stock, the rear suspension was lower

i have the sport suspension, so with these springs it would look so good, and i got the same rims as that white car

i have enough to buy em, but i dont wanna shell out like 200+ for the work to be done to my car

so i'll just have to wait

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I don't think rear suspensions are made lower than the fronts (oems). They have to cater for passengers weight. At best even bit not lower.

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still same price??

but how much would it be to get it installed?

i can buy em, but then i dont think i can afford installation right now

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i think i'll just wait,

first i wanna do DIY stuff like roof spoiler

maybe red outs

cheap and cheerful stuff, :D

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