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Lexus Is 200 In Italy

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Hello every1 this is John from Italy and I have just buyed a 10 year old is 200 with 87195 km on board.

The car hadls well and just needs some extra power......

Any1 has any suggestions to give to make it performe a little better?

There isnt alot you can do. the best most powerful mod you can do to the is200's is a cat back exhaust.

anything else you do will be more expensive with little gain.

Good luck

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Seeming as you are in Europe this might be feasible for you, PROLEX-UK (http://www.prolex-uk.com/) do an off the shelf turbo kit for the IS200, they also have a supercharger kit that costs around 5000 pounds. Expensive but the only way to get minimal power out of the 1G-FE engine without doing a complete engine swap.

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Here is a thread on the UK site about LPG systems, although apparently the 1G-FE doesn't love LPG too much.


I just put up a thread that has a few pics of my car if thats what your after, if you were after pics of LPG installs dunno, have a search on the uk forums.

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