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Regular Servicing Rx 330

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Hi all,

Thanks for popping in and hope you can help me with my queries.

I am about to accept an offer on a Lexus RX330 year 2003 from a Lexus dealership and if it happens it’ll be my very first Lexus experience.

My questions are,

1. What sort of regular maintenance cost I should expect to pay ? is that annually or every 10,000 km or else ?

2. When is the big service for RX330 due ? what about 80K km ? When does the timing belt needs to be changed ?

3. Is the $2000 Extended Warranty for 3 years worth it ? Should I or should I not get it ?

4. What sort of known issue if any I should expect from RX330, especially an old year 2003 model ?

5. Where is the TRUSTWORTHY non-Lexus dealer, but qualified independent Lexus mechanic in Sydney ?

6. What sort of saving you can make by going to qualified non-Lexus dealer mechanic ? 20% 30% 50% or else ?

7. Lexus told me their Extended 3 years Warranty covers pretty much everything bumper to bumper (but consumables), is that right ?

I am fully aware that to own a premium brand car like Lexus means it cost more to run and maintain, which to a degree I am prepared to do as long as it is not a rip-off.

Again, thanks for popping in and hope to get some answers soon :)



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Hey Zinc,

A RX330 is a great car thats been designed and made with quality.

Cant comment on service costs as I do all my own work but can answer your questions as best I can.

1. The scehuled maintenance by the book is every 10K km, that would be essentially an oil & filter change.

2. The 80K service is just a (tappet) valve clearance noise & engine vibration check at idle & adjustment if necessary on top of the regular service

The 100K service is a spark plug change on top of the regular service

The 150K is the major service which timing belt gets replaced, but thats pushing it and majority of timing belts should replaced at 100K km mark to be on the safe side. Prevention is better than cure!

3. ONLY get it if its the extended Lexus factory warranty, if its any other type of company extended warranty its not worth the paper its printed on. $2K is a small price to pay for peace of mind if something MAJOR goes wrong!

4. Check that service history schedule has been followed & if its done more than 150K km check the major service (timing belt) has been done.

5. You can also have it serviced by Toyota dealerships, same diff!

6. Find a mechanic who you can trust & is confident in servicing your car & stick to them, as they will become familiar with your car history over time.

7. Always read the fine print!

Hope that helps :D

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