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Where Do You Recommend For External Detailing?

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I have a 2008 BLACK RX350. I have been keeping it cleaned and washed on a fortnightly basis (self hand washed). The feeling of looking at a sparkling black car is the best.

I start to notice the swirl is become more and more obvious under direct sunlight (I have been very careful during washing).

I am thinking of getting the car a make over or renew the look to a showroom standard.

I live in Melbourne and looking for a place where they can polish, cut, wax and get rid of the swirl properly. Have you done it before? do you have a place to recommend?

I notice Lexus of Blackburn advertise for car detailing but I don't know if they do the above or how good they are?

Is it worth the money to get someone else doing it, or should I just buy some good products from the shop and do it myself? I don't mind to do it myself but I don't know if I can get rid of the swirl or how complicate it is.


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Thank you very much. I did booked Final Inspection after research in this forum and I am very happy with the result. He did an excellent job, attention to detail, very helpful and a very nice guy. I glad I found this place because it's reliable and you know they will look after your car...peace of mind is priceless when you give your car to someone.

Thank you all.

Luan T.

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