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Hey Guys

Im new to the forum but I own a 2006 IS250 SE in South Africa.

I bought the car second hand recently and I'm having problems with the cars steering and braking . First the steering was very light and the car was swerving heavily on the motorway and felt generally unstable.I took the car to lexus who informed me the power steering rack needs to be replaced.This was done by lexus and the car returned.The steering is now heavy,but still pulls slightly to the left or right randomly.Then my brakes,they seem inconsistent and rough.The rotors and brake pads were replaced before i bought the car ,when lexus inspected them they found them to be on order .they told me they cleaned and checked the brake balance.I'v found that when i increase my tyre pressure the brakes seem softer .This also is only at motorway speeds.. some help please guys??

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Wheel alligment? If its swerving to one side should be wheel alligment

is has a heavy steering feel compared to other cars with electronic asssist

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Thats the thing,its not a consistant pull to one side,its a random wander to the right or left.I assumed the Alignment is correct as it was done by lexus when they replaced the steering Rack

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