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Hi Guys,

I recently picked up a second hand 2006 IS250 Prestige with reasonably low km,very happy with the car. However, the previous owner has lost one of the key. I called the dealership and they wanted $850 complete with the FOB and Mechanical key. :angry: Are there any other alternatives to obtaining the spare key, I'd prefery avoiding the $850 dealer inflated price.

The website sewellparts.com has the Fob and mechanical key listed at a very affordable price. Has anyone had any experience good or bad with the mentioned website. Was it possible to have the Fob reprogrammed and the mechanical key cut here at the Lexus dealership. How much did the dealership charge for the reprogramming and cutting? How long did it take and did anyone experience any problems with the Fob afterwards.

I am hopping the previous owner finds the spare key for me :huh:

I live in Brisbane.



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I hope the seller finds the key for you, I'm sure you already factor in the price when you bought it (ie with only one key)?

Because Lexus knows it's hard to get a replacement key, they can put any price on it really.

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