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Hey guys, it's been a while since i was last on here.

Anyway, its time for me to start the next phase of my personal DIY modifications to my car.

This time, i choose to vinyl wrap a few things, now i've got some questions.

Where can i buy this?

how hard is it to apply?

What is the negative and the positive effects of this.

I plan on getting black vinyl wrap for all the chrome parts of the car, and possibly a bit of cf wrap for my badges and my front grille.

Tell me your experiences.

As i've got to get my car ready for jamborree im in a rush to get everything done to get it up there on display.

I'm also contemplating on opening up my headlights again (super lengthy process do not try this) to put some black vinyl wrap in there..

Because im on a budget i wont have alot of money to pour into this project as im also about to buy a set of BC racing BR series coilovers (need opinions on this too)

i'll be getting my wheels powder coated matte black to follow the theme.

i will exclude the bonnet and bootlid for now, but considering doing the roof in black matte vinyl too..

for those of you who are unaware my car is silver.


thanks guys :)


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wow milad you have alot of big plans there haha, not sure on a few of your ideas tho. . . . you will have to show us when you have done it and the out come is.

there are a few guys who have had more experience with wraps. search for the threads "results of boredom" and the pics by cevu here. thread. cevu and ilv1004s have had expieriences with vinals and will be able to shed some more light and im sure their work is posted elsewhere too.

post some picks up when you have done your mods Post your latest mods

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Plenty of patience indeed...

However, my vinyl supplier stocks vinyl specifically made for wrapping vehicles. The easiest things you can do are the bonnet, boot and roof. It all becomes harder with complex curves such as the grille etc.

If you are interested in a price, I can PM you the price of a roll of the vehicle wrap specific stuff.

Rolls are 46m in length, and come in 610mm or 1220mm width.

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If you're ever down in Wollongong, we can check it against my colour charts. I have a few hundred colours to pick from, but can't seem to find anything too close judging by what I see on the screen. I could also bring the charts to a meet...

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