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Iphone And Os 4

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I used to be able to control my ipod function of my iphone when plugged into the USB port of my IS250. This enabled control of playlists etc via the IS250 controls on the steering wheel etc. Something that was for me a buying decision when I purchased the car in March.

After upgrading the phone yesterday to OS4, this functionality is broken. It attempts to work, only with the vehicle audio system reporting "could not read from USB device". Apple have screwed something or now made iphone incompatible with Lexus.

Does Lexus need to update its ipod integration software, will this come from Mark Levinson (Audio system manufacturer, or is an Apple stuff up ???

thanks to anyone with any news on this.

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thanks for the link, I was able to solve the problem with the SETTINGS -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings

I reset the phone, waited for it to restart, then connected to USB in car.

The message on the screen (car) was something about searching or scanning ipod device, then the music started playing

I was able to do all the same operations I was able to previously

I will report back later as to the continued status of this 'fix' but all looks good so far.

The iPhone still reports that "This accessory is not optimised for iPhone blah blah blah" however it still works well enough to control via the vehicle controls.

thanks again dis-lex-sic

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