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Hiya, Nice Site!


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Hi Guys,

Nice site! cant wait to have a look around

Looking to buy my second Soarer, I used to have one of the older squarer shaped ones, cant remember what model, (the one before the tv in the dash i think) it was a 6 cyl single turbo, standard. Looking to buy around a 1991 model with twin turbo, there are a few around with reasonable K's, but i am thinking i might be better off buying a cheap one and putting a fresh engine in it (or getting a low K half cut), so i know it will be reliable, around 1991 they have the 1JZ engine does anyone know if a 2JZ will bolt in without too much drama? Any suggestions on the best way to buy a cheap soarer, i am a poor mature age student and will only have around 8k to spend



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