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Ls400 Bilstein Air Struts Information/ Review Needed

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hi guys

just a few questions

my standard air struts are dead at the front on my ucf10 ls400.

it uses a bigger compressor with standard air struts and i have found out that the standard air sturts will almost definately fail with this set up.

so after researching ive found what i believe to be the best replacement option.

these are New Front Bilstein Air Suspension Shock Kit (Pair) for 1990-1992 LS 400 (Toyota Celsior)

from http://www.arnottindustries.com/part_LEXUS_Air_Suspension_Parts_yid7_pid46_gid438.html. cost around 1k delivered for the fronts

now what i desperately need to know before wasting my hard earned money is

- is there anything better that i can buy as DIRECT REPLACEMET (other than non air coils which i dont want)

- if anyone has purchased these what is their opinion? how do they feel? how low do they go? how reliable are they?

- also i need to know what celsior model suspension is interchangable. my car is 1989 ucf10. however the only struts sold are 1990-2000. now will the 1990 struts fit my vehicle??? my car has male output on the air line which goes into a female input on the strut. are these the same between all models?

please your help would be much appreciated


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So long as it's bolt up with no mods needed then should be good.... even has a 90 day money back guarantee.

Good price too as new genuine ones will end up costing more.

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