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Lexus Australia have just updated thier Website with new financial year pricing.

The biggest change - if not the only change - is that the stick shift is no longer available.

For MT owners: Perhaps your resale value has just increased?

For potential IS buyers: Perhaps bargains are for the taking on any stock that's left?

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If they made it better it may have been more popular and made the IS live up to its name!! The manual gearbox was not very "Intelligent". And a "sports" car is normally manual and lots of fun.

Yes there is a flappy paddle manual box but when it comes down to it. Flappy paddles vs manual box is apples and oranges.

Inteligent sport?? Hmmm. Maybe to intelligent. Wheres the fun!!

Instead of discontnuing it should have a better sportier one put in!!

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coming from a former MT IS250 owner and then going to a auto IS250

a manual tranny car should be fun to drive

but the IS250 manual is a fail..im sorry to say

due to the dual mass flywheel and overrevs when you try to change gears to quick

if the manual box was borrowed from some sort of toyota sports model

ie' supra 6 speed

it would have been a better drive

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