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400-500 Hp @ Is200?

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Hi Guys

The euro LOC guys cant help me, maybe there not crazy enough :lol:

I want to swap another engine in my IS200, but i dont know how strong the IS200 is. Actually i have a JZX100 with lot power, but maybe I sale it soon. So im Looking for a new powerful car. I own a IS200 and I cant sale it since some months - so it will be the new basic.

The question is know: how strong is the Diff, the drive and prop shafts, and all other of the car? No one in the euro LOC have a car with +250hp, just below. I want to fit an engine with 400-500hp.

What parts are fitted in car's like the Altezza of Orido?

Thank you


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i would also like to know im debating on weather the same hp mark is doable in the 200. I know of one with 509bhp but it has the gearbox strengthened but diff is factory

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you can make as much hp as you want to - you just need to upgrade the driveline to match

the is200 runs a 7.5" f series diff. pretty strong, but you can break them fairly easily once you have around 400-500hp. is300 runs the 8" g series diff - this diff is used in your chaser & heaps of high hp toyotas - very strong diff. almost a bolt in upgrade into an is200.

obviously you would need to upgrade the gearbox with the motor - a number of cars in aust running 1j & 2j turbo motors, one with 3uz (in build still i believe) & another i know of where the owner has a 1gz he plans to fit (5l v12 from the toyota century) - sold him my bare 1/2 cut for him to mock it all up.

so it comes down to how mad you are, & how much you want to spend to fulfill your mad desires (& that little thing money)

don't forget to upgrade the brakes too - supra rz brakes are a simple upgrade


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