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Insurance In Nz


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I've just called up State to let them know that I've put in the stereo system I got pre-approval for, and upgraded the alarm to an AVS S5, one of the best you can get.

As well as increasing my excess to a whopping $2000, they informed me that they won't accept any more modifications on my car. I asked the guy if it would change once I get my revaluation done, and he said that it might, but isn't that likely.

Realistically, my car has been hardly modded at all. Listed on the insurance are the suspension sytem, alloys, stereo... and absurdly the alarm. Yes, the $550 I spent on a better alarm is counted towards the $ of modifications I've made. *BLEEP*ing absurd. I also tried to get them to list the intake system, but after five minutes trying to explain to the call center monkey what an intake/induction system is - he decided that since it wasn't on his "list", it didn't matter that it had been modified.

Anyway, where do you guys insure your cars? Do you inform your insurance company of mods you make? Are you concerned that if you don't, you won't be insured if your car gets stolen?

I've said to State that if they won't insure me, I'll take my business elsewhere, including my contents. I've said I don't mind paying more, but if they won't insure me at all, I'm more than willing to switch insurers. Suggestions?

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insured with NZI and im 23 with lost of licence

have been for yrs

insured a 4 door si-r civic

neva told them any mods so i was lucky that it neva got stolen or anythign happened to it

$600 with $1K excess

Nissan S15 200sx

told them it had exhaust and mags and thats it

$900 with $1600 excess

Toyota Altezza

18"s, exhuast, lowered, factory kit,

$1300 with $1K excess - its more than my 200sx because i had a crash last yr but after a yr it should go down by heaps

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