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Fs: 2x Err3 Factory Head Units


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As the title sales, I'm selling these two head units. As far as I know, both have the ERR3 problem. They may be fixable - anyone whose had some experience is welcome to take them and have a go. I haven't tried - was always gonna replace the factory head unit with an aftermarket system, and have done so.

The spare tape deck one was given to me by the previous owner, he'd just never got around to trying it. Unbeknownst to him - it suffers from the same ERR3 problem as the one he was gonna replace!

The other alternative is that the MD and CD stack modules within the units are separate, so you could probably take a working CD stack module and put it in the MD unit here and upgrade from the tape deck to a minidisc player, you know, if you are so inclined.

The fronts of these units are in mint condition.

Tape unit:

Toyota 86120-53010

MD unit:

Toyota 86120-53020

Would $50 for both be reasonable? If you're interested, or know anyone who's interested, PM or txt on 021 1309460. I'm in Wellington, incidentally. :-)

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