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Looking good Chris.

If anyone would like any stickers, contact me directly and I will organise.

Stickers are $5ea and $3 postage.

You can avoid postage and get 2 for 1 deals if you come to a club meet/cruise :D

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Well, the cruise actually started in Melbourne. We ended up with ~68 Soarers attending... about 13 of them from Sydney. Was a pretty cool weekend. Great Ocean Road etc.

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Sorry to deviate from the topic, but here's a pic from the cruise back in 2003:


Every car in the photo is a Soarer of some description (minus one silly Laser I just spotted)

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never knew there were that many soarers in australia ahahhahahaha

must have been a fun meet/cruise

must admit soarers sound nice

heard one rip up past em near chatswood a few days ago

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im up for a cruise anytime, lol

had a fat cruise on sat night, 15+ cars

but they were all "wog'd up" cars (S15's, S14's, WRX STI's, Pulsars)

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Nice looking car Lex51S! That's an awesome tint you have too. Looks very dark.

Do you know if there are meets in Gold Coast or Brisbane? Unfortunately Melb is too far.

I would love to get a sticker LOL

who has there club stickers on. lets see them!!


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