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Help With Roadworthy Certification

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased my dream IS 200. Just over 100,000km, manual, immaculate in and out. It's had approx $20,000 spent on quality enhancements and improvements....Garrett turbo, intercooler, heavy duty clutch, exhaust, coilover suspension, strut brace, C-West bonnet, 18 in mags, etc.,etc

The car was registered interstate, but when I presented it here for registration I was told that it would need a full roadworthy inspection.

All mods were done at The Horsepower Factory in Victoria. I've discovered that the work was never "engineered".

I'm wondering if anyone can help with ideas to help with getting it passed! I understand that exhaust emissions are the big concern. Has anyone had any sucesses? How rigorous is this testing? I'm out of my comfort zone here. Who can give advice on this sort of matter?

Failing that I can see no other option but to put it back on the market. The car is an absolute gem. Totally faultless. An absolute delight to drive. You all know the quality of Lexus, and this moves it to a new level. A full service history and receipts for all work done are available.

PS The 1 previous owner and I are of "mature" age so there has never been any thrashing of this vehicle.

If there is anyone out there who would like to take it on as their baby, I'd be happy to here from you.

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all you an do is try take it to a few engineers. see if they will pass it. if not they will guide you in the right direction as to getting it passed.

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