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What You Guys Think Of 5Zigen Fireball Mega Exhaust

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never knew 5zigen made an exhaust for the IS250

i personally love the HKS Hi Power with its massive cannon tips, if i had enough money i would get a HKS Hi Power with a Invidia midpipe

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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum and soon to get an is250. I know this was quite an old post but was wondering if anyone on the forums have or are using the 5zigen fireball mega exhaust? Reason I'm asking is because I'm looking to get this installed as part of the whole purchase. I'm buying used from a Lexus dealer and they're gonna install it for me.

Initially was going to go for the fsport exhaust but apparently the dealership doesn't have it? (not sure if this is true)

I've tried searching online for some vids or clips on how it sounds on an is250 but couldn't find anything relevant. I've searched the forum as well and this seemed to be the only relevant thread. Has anyone heard the fireball mega on an is250 before? Does it sound decent? Or is the guy at the dealership just trying to offload an unwanted 5zigen exhaust?

Hope someone on this forum is able to help me and would appreciate anyone's comments.

Looking forward to joining the is250 club soon!!

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I installed my 5zigen tonight. it sounds awesome when you give it some.

keep in mind tho. its not a quite exhasut. lexus luxury quite car no more. if i were you. dont get the dealer to put it on. just get him to put in the boot. try stock sound first. then swap it to the 5zigen and see what u think.

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Lemme know if you ever post a vid or sound clip online. Would love to have an idea on how it sounds to before I actually decide to put it on. But judging from all your posts on this forum and how much time you've spent on your is250, I'm inclined to take your word for it!


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