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Car For When I Get Off My P Plates?


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hey guys

as some of you know im driving a IS250 on my P's now

and will be for about another 2years and 9months

i know its early to be looking at cars for when i get off my p plates, but anyone got any suggestions?

budget is around 25g's

what i was looking at first were 200SX's and S15 Silvia's because of the turbo and the image of those kind of cars

got into a friends S14 and the turbo boost is just crazy, u get pushed back into your seat and the car

but more recently im really getting into Commi SSV's

i mean c'mon, 6litre V8, u cant argue with that the torque from those would be crazy

the only reason i wanna be changing cars is cause i want a more powerful car and a manual

other cars im looking at are:

Lexus IS300 (turbo'd) and Supra's

if i could turbo a IS250 i would keep it, lol

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you could supercharge it for 7k.

would kick IS350 out of park.

Outta the park????

Is it a small park?

Back to the man with the question....

k2sty1 for the budget & from the sounds of what you like how about:

IS200 (around $10-15k) and then add a 2JZ

They are AWESOME and look factory so the average cop would have a clue.




That's 405kw at the wheels.....in an IS200.

Most people would know about "IS1000". Same car/engine combo but much more power.



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WOW those IS200's are both amazing

i was really looking into IS300's cuz of the 2JZ (although its not a turbo) and its a 4 door so it wouldn't be as expensive to insure?

i looked up some info on the IS300's and theres a turbo kit for them (T66 i think) and they are INSANE

i know the internet lies, ALOT, but theres a video on youtube of a IS300 turbo racing a E92 M3 and it pretty much owns it

or even just doing a 2JZ GTE swap (but then i'd rather a IS200 as a base car cuz its cheaper)

im really open to idea's for now since im a long way from getting my full's

started also looking into Holden Monaro CV8's and Commi SSV's

but i think japanese is the way to go now

for me, full license = turbo time or over 200KW time, hahahaha

thanks for the ideas

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