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Exhaust is the first thing (Which I noticed you already have) Intake modifications (Make your own heat shielding and get a higher flowing air filter)

Extractors are a pain but can squeeze you a little more, I've heard the standard headers flow alright on these.

Make sure you replace the Coolant Temp Sensor and Water Temp sender (Separate items) As this should get the AF Ratio running better (Apparently a lot of these cars have deteriorating sensors causing the engine to run the wrong AF ration) And check spark plugs, coils and rotors for wear. Good spark is great

Then Aftermarket ECU/Piggy Back and Dyno Tune.

I think after that it starts getting expensive (Internal work like Exhaust cams etc)

If you have the money, throw a supercharger on it with aftermarket ECU. But you're probably going to be pushing $6000-$8000 to do that.

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