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Hi all my IS 250 has pulled to the left for 3 years (yes nearly out of warranty). Yes two sets of tyres , multiple allignments. I asked Lexus just to make IS 250 drive like the demos. Has any experienced similar issues

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Two things I can think of (scratching my head furiously, coz it beats the hell out of me).... 1. the vehicle was involved in an accident very early on (did you buy new, demo or 2nd hand) and the tracking has been forever damaged, or 2. the steering rack and associated infrastructure is faulty. It is electric steering relying on a series of magnetic/servo motors or something along the steering rack (apologies for the ignorance on the topic - Im not a motor mechanic!).

There were some '06 and '07 IS250s that had their steering racks replaced under warranty due to something about one of the servo motors being out of calibration &/or being lazy under very low speeds. That could be your problem, but don't take my comments as anything more than a barely-educated guess.

The other thing which comes to mind is one of your front shockers might be faulty. But again that also sounds highly unusual. Suspension and steering rarely (if at all) appear as issue 'threads' with the IS250.

If I was you (if you havent already done so), is to take it to an independent mechanic for a road test and get it up on the hoist for a look. Either try a different Lexus dealership in your city (if there is one available), a local Toyota mob or even a reputable sole operator for an alternate opinion.

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There is a known procedure for resolving steering issues with Lexuses (which suggests that steering complaints are relatively common):


I was thinking of checking the TSB's 24 hours ago, but I figured that your dealer would have already followed the steps in any TSB's. But I guess there's a possibility that they didn't. I second Sapphire Cam's suggestion - try another dealer who might hopefully do a better job.

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I'm guessing that if you're in Townsville the suggestion of trying another Lexus dealer could involve a LONG drive.

Have you had the steering recall performed by the dealer? If not ask them if it is applicable to your car. (Only applicable to some IS250's.)

If your car is in the range of IS250's that need to have it done it, it costs you nothing but Lexus Australia pays the dealer for doing it. So if it needs doing they will do it.

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