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Hi Everyone...

Just wondering if anyone could help me with my question..

What is the middle switch for..??







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That switch....parking sensors, probably front.

is that so ?

i thought parking sensors are on constantly

mine goes off all the time and i can change it via the nav screen

or is it when u have parking sensors in the front and u dont have a nav screen u get that switch?

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looks like an aftermarket swtich

and y is the fuel tank button and the trunk button side by side?

is this your car?

Yeah.. that's my car.. ('06 Prestige + EMV Pack) I bought it 2'nd hand bout a month ago..

To be honest I'm not too sure what's the button for..

a few weeks ago I was driving on Freeway (arround 80-90 Km/h) and my car start beeping like hell...

beeep...beeep...beeepp....!! (driving me crazy...)

(thought something wrong with the car.. checked for everything...seatbelt, door closed properly, fuel's not empty.. thinking.. it was a speed limit reminder..)

dunno what happen... started to pressing buttons like crazy.. and that button did the job...(what a drama..LoL...)

went home and check the manual.. but couldn't find WTH that button for... (a mystery for me...)

so.. decided to leave it off.. before it started beeping again... =p

Also, I notice there are sensors on the front bumper (tiny circles).. but never been bothered whether it's working or not..

might going to check it tonite.. if that's actually a front sensor button...

Thanks for the input guys..



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i have a button at the same place.

might be the same

Mine is to turn off/on my sat nav while moving.

was professionally installed when i got the dvd hack and got told not to touch it so i havent had to guts to switch it to see what happens.

Woot first post :D

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