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Hi all, I'm new to Lexus, just purchased a 2002 IS200, old lady owner with only 61K on the clock and I must say I'm really impressed by it so far. Previously owned a 2007 XR8, but wanted something a little smaller and in automatic as city traffic in a V8 manual is an interesting challenge most mornings in peak hour traffic. I'm in the Brisbane area, so if anyone has any suggestions of good mechanics that work a Lexus models, please feel free to pass them on. I also plan to add a tow bar on the back and it is for carrying my push bike, not towing anything. Is there a roof top option (rack) for the IS200, or is the tow bar the only way to go? If the tow bar is the only way to go, it is better to go Lexus or after market? Great site by the way.




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Hi Duncan,

I have recently bought an IS200 2005 Sport Luxury Manual and i love it. Even if the manual can be a pain in traffic. Re' carrying bikes i am in the same position. We ride all the time so bike carrying is crucial to me. With tow bars, I have looked in Melbourne and although they were an original Lexus part they seem to be made of "unobtanium" nowadays. None of the aftermarket brands had one available either. (if anyone knows different about this i would love to hear from them). I have hear rumours of a guy here in Melbourne who will make a towbar for any car but i am not sure of the legality or reliability of this option. I have bought a set of Rhino racks for my car and they are working well. Just be careful with the instructions. The IS200 was known as the IS300 in the USA and the measurements between the racks are different depending on year of manufacture. The car has indents inside the door frames that indicate where they are meant to go anyway. I have fitted Thule bike carriers to these racks, then duct taped up the front gaps to reduce wind noise. There are some NZ brand racks available which are quieter but i figured that once the bike carriers are in place they will make any noise benefits minimal. The good thing is that around town there is not a noticeable wind noise increase. I also went to a motorcycle shop and bought body work protective 3M sheet and cut pieces to put under the feet of the racks and protect the glossy Lexus paint. This system is working well for me. Hope it helps you.

Joebar23 :)

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