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Anyone Switched Sports Luxury Tyres To Same Profile?

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If anyone has switched over from the standard front 225/45R17, rear 245/45R17 tyres to 245/45R17s all around, I'd love to hear your views on this.

Quietness, handling, braking, longevity, etc.

And is it possible to store a full sized tyre instead of the space saver?



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full size is not possible due the the limited space in the back

i guess it is possible to run same size all round but wat for?

you have a staggered setup as your car is RWD

then again the normal presteiges came with 16"

im sure it wont make a difference other than heavy steering feel

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I wouldn't imagine anyone would do this as it is a completely different width. Rear are wider for more grip at the drive wheels and thinner at front for better steering.

Unless, you mean changing the front wheels to same as rear? Which then would pose the question of if it would even fit.

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franky changing the front to wider is what he means

and yes it is possible

funny enough

our cars have same width wheels all round

ie sports has 18x8's all round but runs 225 tyres on the front and 255 tyres on the rear

hence u see abit more stretch on the front wheels than the rear

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Putting larger tyres on the front would cost 10-15% more for a set of 4 (according to Phamish in April, using Maxx TT's). So it's a question of whether the extra tyre life from being able to rotate front-to-back is worth the extra upfront cost.

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The reason for checking this out was to change the space saver spare to a full size spare wheel for long trips - and that only makes sense if you have the same sized tyres all around.

As ilv1004s said, if full size spare doesn't fit in the boot well, then not much point in changing anything, is there?

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i tried putting my 255/40 18's in the spare tyre well thingo

the cover doesnt go back on, so it'll be pretty impractical i recon

unless you never use the boot and dont mind leaving the cover at home

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