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Mobil 1 Eo Ok For Rx350

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Hi all, i'll be getting my rx350 in about a week or 2. just like to know whether using mobil1 engine oils are fine for my engine? i know i should be sticking to the original EO that was recommended (i dont know what it is btw) but a couple of friends have said that mobil1's EO aren't that bad. plus they help reduce fuel consumption. so i was thinking of trying it out.

any thoughts on this? thanks for your help!

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The brand is irrelevant really as long as you stick with the correct viscosity and really boils down to personal preference. The 2010 RX requires 10W30 or 10W40 oil. I personally use AMSoil Series 3000 5W30 in my current (and previous) RX as it has a high TBN and HTHS. Oil analysis on my previous engine showed no wear. As long as you use the correct viscosity, Mobil 1 should be fine.

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