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Hi All,

I picked up my ultrasonic blue IS350 F Sport last week. I would like some helpful advice about "running in" the new engine. I've been pussy footing around the suburb which has been extremely frustrating. The manual is a bit vague on this issue so I would appreciate some clarity about the running in process. I read elsewhere that the engine has already been run in at the factory and therefore you should drive it "normally" i.e drive it like you stole it! Others have commented that safeguard and care should be taken with driving a new engine.

Your thoughts?



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very nice car man!!

must be VERY frustrating knowing u have all that power just waiting to be unleashed, hahaha

personally, i havent broken any cars in, but my friends in the process of breaking in his VE SV6 Commy

from what he told me, he said to "baby" the car 75% and do some "spirited" driving for 25% or so

so just drive normally, but give it a few good hits just now and again (like when a guy in a corrolla thinks he can beat u at the lights)

but obviously dont go over the speed limit :ph34r:

have fun with your new IS350!!! :)

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Arrrgh! It's not like you are really asking us a question ... You're just saying "ultrasonic blue IS350 F Sport" to tease us!!

When I picked up my 250, the dealer said not to bother with wearing in the engine, but the manual does give some recommendations on braking, accelerating and towing. Check it out in your 350 manual.

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All I've heard for new cars these days are these 3 points (for the first 5,000kms):

- Not to 'redline' it at any cost

- Avoid really long periods of driving at the one speed (ie. several hours on cruise control on a freeway)

- Avoid really hard acceleration until the car has warmed up a bit (ie. thermostat 'kicks in', and the temp gauge gets off 'C'.

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I bought my car brand new from Newcastle 2 years ago. I was considering getting it delivered back down to Sydney, but was advised that the new cars these days do not need to be 'run in'. I was told that the technology these days and that the engine had already been run in, meant there was no need to drive around like a granny for the first 1000km.

I since drove the car to Sydney that day - 160km, sitting on just under 100km/hr.

I raised my concern again at the first service at a different dealership and the guys said the same again, there is no need for concern and the engine is not harmed in any way.

2 years on, no problems (touch wood - :unsure: )

Enjoy it mate, you know you want to! Wish I had that extra power.

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Here's a link to a break-in method that is opposite to what most tell us. I used similar when I got my Subaru Liberty B4 8 years ago when I was able to get to country roads more easily. I never had a problem with the car through its 110,000 km, but I also never had the pistons out to check them. When I got the IS250 I kinda forgot about it as it spends most of it's time dribbling around the city.

Anyway, it gets you thinking.... http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

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I've run in all my cars the same way


1 vary revs don't let it sit at same rev for long periods of time ie idling or cruising on freeways

2 give it some revs once in a while ie up to 4-5k and occasionally close to redline

3 "run in" the engine till500km

Remember the engine might come run in from factory but ur gear box ain't !! :))) so to run that in, shift down ur gears to load up the engine and the gear box when ur traveling once in a while

I aint no expert on the exact working of e engine but from various pol I picked up these tips

Oh and let ur car warm up first before u oush it hard for the first 1000k or so

My 350 is now well run in at almost 2000k but u need to get to around ur firsy service of 15000k anx after oil change then u will really notice the " run in" engine

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Just take it easy when the engine is cold. I still do this each time and I've had my car since new also.

I remember I just drove it at different revs for the first 1000KM's just in case

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Vary the speed and revs after first service let loose :D really unless your going to mod your car and void your warranty, however you drive it and it will be replaced under warranty. ive done this to my last car WRX and current car honda.

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U can pretty much give the car a good poke after 500km obi don't flog the crap outta it, u can't run the car in much after that anyways coz all the valves and stuff will be tempered and run it by then, and lexus use good oil so there should be no issues. If u don't actually load the engine up in e first 500km u may find that u burn oil down the track. U cannot damage the car by driving it hard within reason before the first service. My personal view is that after 1500 km u can really start push in the car everything that needs to be run in by then should be

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