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Hi All

As you know I have just purchased my Is250 and unfortunately it came standard with the fake wood in the middle and on the doors. I know this is a stupid question but does anyone with a sport want to do a swap( i said it was stupid) or has anyone got any other ideas for toning it down a bit


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Fake wood? You mean Bird's Eye Maple wood veneer crafted by Yamaha piano craftsmen? ("Bird's eye" referring to a rare phenomenon in wood that makes is several times more expensive than ordinary wood.)

You could always cover it with carbon fibre wrap ...

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Are you for real?:rolleyes:

Goodness me, I thought it was fake. well maybe i will see it in a different light now:D

thanks for letting me know


if u want to tone it down, you can get a special made veneer that goes over it...

u can have it done through Lexus

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Are you crazy?!

The rare birds eye maple is one of the uber quality parts of the car. Why would you tone it down? It's REAL WOOD hand crafted, with matching door trims. We won't get wood in cars for much longer......... that my 2 cents worth

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I actually took the panels out yesterday and up close I can see the slither of veneer on the plastic. It still doesnt change my mind about the "wood". If someone has the sport and wants to add some luxury to their ride, we may be able to do a swap. Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love the car to bits, Just not the centre console bit. I guess its more the colour than anything.

I hope I havent offended anyone as that was not my intention.

Cheers all


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I'm sorta with you there Darren... appreciate the hell out of what Lexus go through to make those wood panels, but cannot stand wood in my car. I'm not driving a forest!

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