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Sweet Spot For Rpm Gear Changes

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couldnt really find this in the uk forums.. but does anyone know the rpm per gear where i can change up gears without using the clutch?

since i'm thinking of upgrading the clutch.. this might be a fun thing to try out just before i swap out for the new stuff :D

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heh heh - that's a wicked idea!

My Dad used to rally professionally, and i have seen him do this in a couple of cars - it's a cool trick. And for those who don't know, yes, you CAN change gears without the clutch at the right revs, and NO, if it's done properly it's smoother then if you did use the clutch! Don't try this at home though, you can do serious damage if your not sure how to do it!

Dad was also telling me how on final stages in the WRC rally drivers often deliberatley row through the gearbox without using the clutch to make up a few precious tenths of a second. The things you can do when you millions of dollars of factory backing huh?!

Of course, now they have those fancy smanshy sequential Playstation button things... (apologies to the e-shifters around the place!)

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Don't lean on the stick and you will feel if it is going to drop into the next gear or not.

I can do it, having practiced just like Thunderbird's dad when I was rallying, but its not something I usually do.

Easier to go down the box with a little rev blip, than up the box,when you have to wait for the exact moment as the revs drop.

There's no damage if you don't force it. 3000rpm is a good start point for 2nd->3rd or 3rd->4th

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cool stuff keith.

i assume the rpm's would be same between sxe-10 and gxe-10 as the gearbox is same and clutches are compatible direct replacements?

i'd try it out now if i had my car.. someone keen to try this out and make note of the sweet spots? :D

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