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Last 2Is Meet (4) Reflections - The Journey

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You can see it at the far right, in the two outdoor pictures showing the entire line-up of cars. In one of the pics, the bonnet is up and you can just make out the silver engine cover.

I didn't take a close-up of the entire car, because the 350 Sports Luxury doesn't look much different to the MY09/MY10 IS 250s from a distance. (It might have also been because there were so many enthusiasts swarming around the 350 after it arrived, and I couldn't get a clear shot! :P )I did, however, take a number of close-up shots that highlight the various subtle differences, including engine bay, DRL's, front bumper, exhaust tips, wheels/brakes, interior trim, rear lights with a pinkish tinge?! and front bumper):


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HI guys awsome pics and awsome cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the OMG 250 owner, I love your rims very very much. I have a black IS 250, want that rims fit on my baby as well buddy. Could you please tell me which brand is that also all the specification and the most important thing where did you get those.. thanks so much much!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that 19"? did you low your car little bit?

Thanks heaps.


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