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Hello All,

I am interested to hear how people look after their baby. In particular, what:

1. Car wash detergent brand do you use?

2. Car polish brand do you use?

3. Car wax brand do you use?

4. Type of micro fibre towel do you use?

Lastly, has anyone used Swissvax products? I am seriously considering purchasing the Swissvax cleaning agent (about $30 for a 100ml bottle) and Swissvax Samurai (which is about $200). Am I wasting my money on these things or the Mothers' 100% Carnuba wax tub ($50) should suffice?

Any other recommendations?



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I'm not much of a spender when it comes to wax and polishes. I wish i had gotten a clear bra when i bought my car. I would clear bra everything and just use whatever solution it is for cleaning clear bra. It might be cheaper in the long run. That and also, clear bra protects like no other.

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