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How much would you think it would cost to fix a dent like this? (Depending on your monitor brightness/contrast, you may not even see it - but while small, it's very obvious in the flesh.)


I had mine done by Alchemy (Melbourne though). They use a suction cap method and mirrors/lights to see even the smallest ripple. Cost me $95 about a year ago. My daughter had some substantial dents removed from her (now sold) crappy Geely (sorry Volvo) C70 for a little more. As long as the paint isn't broken they can do wonders.

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A very belated thanks to Dr-Gadget for his input.

I have since learned that the technique he describes is called "paintless dent removal" (PDR). I recently got it repaired at Lexus of Chatswood, although they subcontracted it out to someone else. The cost to me was $120. I have received cheaper quotes, but I was getting the PDR done at the same time as other repairs.

The Lexus technician said that, because the dent was on the metal crease, there was no guarantee that the dent could be fully removed. The end result was good enough: although you can feel a ever-so-slight indentation at the site of the dent, you can't see any damage. Nobody will know there was a dent there (except you readers). Good enough for me!

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