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Dice Mediabridge1500 - Ipod/usb/bluetooth Kit

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I've recently purchased an '06 IS250 Prestige without NAV, so I'm looking at options to allow me some Bluetooth integration as well as USB/ipod audio capability.

I've been reading on here about the VAIS Tech recommendations (SL2i etc) for ipod and USB but would prefer to add Bluetooth functionality at the same time to avoid fitting a further additional "box".

I came across the Dice Electronics Mediabridge which specifically lists the IS250 as compatible and provides Bluetooth connections as well as ipod and USB inputs - wondering if anyone on here has or is using one and their experience with it?

I noticed it's on eBay for a very reasonable price as well.

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Welcome to the forum Manny. Looks like we have another ex Soarer member join us :)

Thanks for the welcome :)

i had a blue tooth on my old is250 that had no nav

motorolla sells a kit

Might be the OEM Motorola option I've come across in Euro install guides although it doesn't provide the iPod/USB functionality in the one box I was hoping for.

I might just take the plunge and try the Dice Electronics unit out.

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Before ordering the unit, I commenced dialogue with Jay (jr@diceelectronics.com) at Dice Electronics to verify functionality, availability, pricing etc.

Jay confirmed "the Media Bridge will mute the iPod interface when making and receiving a call when you are in cd changer i.e.. Media Bridge Mode. The call comes in, your music will fade out and a ring tone will initiate, you press track up on your steering wheel or stereo and you answer the call (the number calling in will appear on the screen).......you use track down to hang up, music will again resume at the point that the call came in when you hang up or are hung up on. Call out feature would be initiated from the phone itself and or a voice activated calling system."

Jay verified a major shortcoming in the Media Bridge for my intended use - Bluetooth functionality is only active whilst the unit is in cdc mode/emulating a CD changer. Whislt the headunit is in radio mode / Aux in or just turned off, the Bluetooth functionality is disabled and you would have to use the mobile phone without hands free functionality which is a show stopper for me.

This may be adequate for others but for me, I'm back to just fitting a conventional Parrot Bluetooth handsfree kit and later fitting any available USB/ipod interface if the Aux In isn't up to it.

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The VAIS MultiMediaLinQ can't do Bluetooth handsfree from what I can tell ??

I've been doing a bit of reading on the Flyaudio unit - seems very impressive feature-wise and an OEM-like fit and appearance.... but a few niggling bugs remain, is a substantial investment and has less than ideal manufacturer support based on the yank experiences.

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