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3 Litre Manual Conversion For My Is200 ?

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Hi, I just bought an IS200 Yellow 2000 model after my ES300 had a seizure :(

The IS200 is lacking in power and I'm really not liking the auto in it! :( its a shame coz the car looks sporty and handles well...

So, I'm wondering if it's possible or easy to drop a 3L engine (perhaps from an IS300?) with a manual gearbox into it?

I've read in some of these forums something about getting a 3L turbo engine and manual gearbox straight out of a Supra? is this for real?

Basically, my question is: What r my best options for giving this little beast more grunt with manual gears?


G :)

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As with most cars, it depends on your budget, if you have the money go for gold as an engine conversion won't be cheap. I don't think its as simple as getting a new engine and dropping it straight in, should probably do a google search on engine swaps.

Easy way to get more power and manual, sell and buy something faster and manual.

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I think he only wants around $18k. Trying to get rid of it so he can focus on his Evo IX.

Great car. Only running low safe boost of 8psi or something but still gives a decent kick. Its begging for a GT35/40.

Conversion done and engineered by Millennium Motorsport. While he's had it, all its work/servicing has been done by APC with receipts of course.

Where would one put a full ad for it? Buy/Sell thread?

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Yeah but the IS300 only came out as an auto, u must admit it would be cool, either converting my IS200 or buying an IS300 and trying to convert it to manual... Why didnt LEXUS ever make one of these? It would've been a winner!!! :)

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3 years on and still contemplating the conversion? haha manual conversions are easy as no engineering is technically required as our cars aren't registered as a auto or manual. any manual + motor conversion will set you back bare minimum of 8k + 2JZGTE conversion alone will be 12k + then you will have to budget for upgrading the rest of the car such as going from the f series diff (7.5" crown) to g series (8" crown) brakes etc. converted cars are a bit of a niche.

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2 years on actually yes... haha... I forgot I even posted this until last night when I stumbled across it...

really? it would cost that much?? well, the reason I've been considering it is because I picked up my car at a bargain price, so I thought it might be worth blowing a few grand on it to soup it up... but 12k? bah... forget it!

as Jason suggested I think I'll just upgrade to an IS300 and be done with it...

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