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Hi :d

Mad mat

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Hey everyone,

my name is Mathew. i'm new here and know a little about cars but nothing about the sexy Is200, he's a little about my self and how we got the new two ;)

My partner and i just bought a Is200 luxury sports just the other month. we picked it up from sydney and drove it back to brisbane over two days. its a good looking car.. needs a bit of TLC in the paint department but is very nice car to drive. i'm looking forward to start doing her up a little bit at a time (and evan a 1j or 2j)

about the car: it has king spring super lows all round which gives it a very low ride. it has 20 inch rims on with a 225/30/r20 kumo tires rapped around them. has a cat back exhaust system installed on it but its seen better days and looks like it was welded by a squirral lol....

will be posting up some pictures here shortly so everyone can see what i'm on about..

i'm looking to get some coilovers soon and any other suspention goodies as the shocks a stuffed from runnin 20s. but i really want a lsd more than anything. so if anyone can help that would be great :)



post-4653-078769700 1294112261_thumb.jpg

post-4653-090473600 1294112332_thumb.jpg

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Hi Mathew,

I'm new to the group as well. I have a feeling you may have purchased that little sexy IS200 from my friend Wilson. Am I correct? I'm in the process of purchasing my first Lexus - an IS250 X. Can't wait to get it!

Anyway, welcome and I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about re: cars :D


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