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Buying Gs430. Advice Needed Pls!

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hi all,

i am located in adelaide. my brother recently referred me to the lexus GS models, and these seem like a good package. I understand the GS300 is a 6 cylinder and the GS430 is a 8 cylinder. I think the 0-100 time is about 1 second faster in the GS430 model. I am not aware if the 430 has any additional features over the GS300 apart from engine. maybe someone can advise?

Anyway the car I was looking at is 2005 with 90000km. so about.... 18000 km per year. I guess that is slightly above average driving.

Can any owners of a GS give me the opinions on the car? any problems to look for? and is there such a thing as an independent lexus specialist workshop?

thanks all!

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HI.I am only new to this site but have owned my GS 430 for about one month now. I looked around for a while and have previously bee very loyal to the Germans. I can say that the GS is a fine car indeed. I have found it lacking in any area and have been really impressed. New Im not sure Id buy one yet but my 06 is awesome value for money. Feature wise I dont believe there is any difference.

Definately worth a look!

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I've just bought a 05 GS430, It certainly is the best car I've ever own (the most expensive also), for the same money you could only buy a similar condition 530i(way less performance, practicality and equipments but way better driving experience). The GS is the best for your money (I can not understand why ppl spend over $30k for a "sh it" camry), it has everything you could get for a car from that time. It worth the extra money of 300 for all the performance and features. Make sure they all work and service up to date. Make sure you get BOTH remotes working as they are very expensive to replace (I spent over $1800 for two flooded remotes), you can not start the engine without the remote. The only letdown I think is the floaty steering feel, but handling is quite decent, you just need to get used to the feeling.

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