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Altezza Gita / Lexus Is300 Sportscross Compliance


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Hi Guys,

I've just joined this evening and I'm sure I'm not the first person thats broached this topic but here I go anyway. . .

I am trying to organise compliance for the Altezza GITA 3.0L. (AWD model just misses out on HP/Tonne limit)

I have spoken to a couple of importers who say there is no real legal (i.e. SEVS)reason this hasn't yet happened, as this variant was never sold in AUS/has unique sheet metal; the main hurdle is finding a RAWS workshop that thinks this would be commercially viable and that is willing to undertake Compliance (small matter of $40-50K for this). I would like to see how many of your members would be interested in putting down $2.5K / EA (would need minimum 10 ppl) to spread the risk with the Workshop.

Having visited NZ and travelled in / driven one I would dearly like to be able to purchase one of these cars and can't for the life of me see why these would be any less likley to sell than many of the wierd and obscure vehicles that ARE complied. I am sure there are many over-35's out there who wouldn't be seen dead in a Caldina and would like a wagon with more gravitas, who would be interested in trying to get this over the line. . .

Note: Due to cost of meeting emission laws only pre-1/2004 vehicles would be viable...

I would welcome your comments.

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Yes I am. Let me explain. . .

Just because a car is importable under Sevs doesn't mean someone can just import it; it has to undergo various tests to ensure it complies with ADR's. This will typically cost a Compliance workshop about 40-50K depending on the car.

This is quite a risk for a Workshop and I thought they may be more inclined to Comply the car if say 50% of the cost of Compliance was borne by the owners of the 1st batch imported; of course I would be prepared to put my own money up; but they aren't going to comply a vehicle just because 1 person (i.e. myself) is keen on it; they need to feel that there would be enough potential interest in the car for them to go through the hassle; i.e. it would need to be a valid commercial proposition.

Quite frankly I am suprised at the lack of enthusiasm for this; they are really cool looking cars; much better looking than the ungainly Stageas and too-futuristic Caldina's that HAVE been complied & imported; I would think there would be more interest in the GITA; given the sheetmetal recognition due to the popularity of the IS sedan variant.

The car is quite popular in the USA where they had a 3L with a Getrag 5Speed and really popular in New Zealand. I think a major factor behind the car not being marketed here (apart from the complacency of Toyota Australia) is that Aussie buyers aren't into performance wagons, only thinking of wagons as SUVs; and Lexus IS series buyers are too hung up on the executive sedan cache of the cars (carefully cultivated by Toyota) to countenance a wagon variant, especially when it carries the Toyota nameplate they are sold under in Japan. Personally I don't give a damn about badges - It's a damn good car whatever its called.

Anyway; If there was anything else I was REALLY interested in I wouldn't have left this message in the first place.




Are you serious???

I think you'll need to put your own money down.

Or better still just buy something else.

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