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Front Stone Chip Protection


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After my BMW looked like it had been sandblasted after 5 years of country trips, I decided the ISF needed some protection.

Thought out the 3M clear film but ended up deciding on the old faithful fitted carbra.

As they had never done an ISF before had to have it custom measure, this took around 45 min and I guess they will have it ready in a week or so.

They said they had done a few Lexus lately but never an ISF, so the guy was quite interested in the car.

I had one previously for my Monaro, yes it is a little pain in the ass fitting all the time and can scratch a little especially if you put on a dirty car, but when I had to let the Monaro go the front end was exceptional.

For me I am only looking for something that will protect when going for longer + 1hr country drives.

Decided to go with a white to match the car this time and at <$500.00 dollars I think it might be a good investment.

Will post some pictures once fitted.

post-4706-048149200 1295934852_thumb.jpg

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Good question, I think it was $300 - $400 dollars, I think, can really remember but will try to find receipt.

Would have been better if they made WHITE as I asked but I could be bother stuffing around.

I only use for long trips + 3 hours but maybe I shoudl use all the time as I found a chip in my bonnet the other day when fitting the BRA :angry:

However if you leave on all the time I think it would get dirt behind and scratch the paint.

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Ok it cost around $430.00 for the black one. If they made the white one like I asked it would have been $473.00 including GST.

They are fiddly and a little pain in the ass but in the end I think they are a good investment if you do some long country drive, this is especially so for all the locusts.

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