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Urgent Help Need Bad Engine Noise - Video

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Does anyone know what this is ??


It started as little rattle then developed into horrendous noise oil light came on and the expansion bottle spewed the coolant back out.

Seems to be coming from inside the block

Should I try to pull it apart or just drop another engine in - Is this doable (with engine crane hire) by a DIY mechanic?

Is it true the Toyota Camry engine exactly the same (it looks it from what I have seen) - Except ?



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I pulled the sump off - not to bad - bolts on exhaust were a bit tough but other than that was OK

Have a look here:


Bearing has disappeared !! (almost) and there is 5-10mm pf play in the con rod where it connects to the crankshaft.

There is soft sludgy metal in the bottom of the sump (I assume the disintegrated bronze or other soft metal bearing shell) but there are not chunks or solid metal pieces

I know best practice would probably be a crank shaft regrind etc - But the engine has 300,000Km on it so I was thinking of using a very fine wet n dry paper to clean what I can off the crankshaft and put new bearing shells on it and clean up and hope for the best .. I know it might not be the smoothest engine after this but at least it will run and as I said before the car isn't worth more than 2-3K

Bear in mind this engine has done 300,000KM (200,000 miles plus) so I really don't want to go to the effort of pulling it out - If I get anothe 20,000 out of it I'll be happy.

There seems to be a reference in the manual to some sort of over sizing on the bearing - It says mark 1 mark 2 and mark 3 - What does this refer to - There is a number 2 stamped on the con rod cap .?

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