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I am waiting the arrival (just a few days to go) of my new IS250....needless to say, just a little excited...!!

Still not sure whether I should go with the optional extended warranty. Has anyone out there purchased it and subsequently used it OR didn't and wishes that they did??

Any ideas/info welcome please. :huh:

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Hi Mate, I just bought an 07 model IS250 and will definitely be getting the extended warranty, however it really depends on how long you will be keeping the car. If you gonna have it for more than 4 years than it would be a good idea cause u can always sell it with Warranty which is a good selling point.

I went and spoke to Lexus of Brisbane (Indooroopilly) about it and got a few quotes. If you like i can post the fact sheet.

Basically you have a couple of options.

-3 Years and 100k ($2000)

-3 Years and 150k ($2250)

-You can add Roadside Assist to any of the above if you wish. ($250 for 3 years).

Let me know if you can find it somewhere else cheaper cause i know a few guys on here were saying they were getting them cheaper, but they do live in Sydney so i am not sure if that makes any difference.

Hope that helps :)


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I recently bought an is250 2009 and went for an additional 2years warranty Even though there was still about 3 yrs manufacturer warranty on it. For me it was peace of mind I guess. Regardless of whether you're going to keep it long term or not, if it's something you can afford why not? If you keep it long term you'll at least know there's some sort of protection there for you. If you decide to sell it after a few years you will potentially be able to get a better price which would pay off the extended warranty anyway. I'm sure other members have differing opinions but that was my reasoning for getting it.

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I Recently brought (3months ago) a new IS250 and brought the extended warranty. All up the warranty will last 7 years/150,000 which ever comes first and if you plan to keep the car for at least 10 years, that is 7 years trouble free motoring IMO. I think you need to do the maths first though (i did) and if you plan to drive approx 20,000km a year then the warranty will last the longest. if you plan to sell the car before the magic 120,000 and driving high KM's per year then i don' think it will be worth having the extended warranty.

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Thanks for the opinions thus far...Flanders, I prob do plan to have the car for 9-10 years, but I really don't do many K's at all - prob avg out to around 10 000 a year absolute max. I guess if you do the maths, it would be worth it....but on a car like that, you would hope that there would be no issues....however, Murphy's Law and all that...

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