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Lexus Ute?

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Does anybody know about a goldy coloured ute with Lexus badges driving around the northern suburbs? I've been told that it's actually a sedan that's been converted, though it looks more like a light truck with an old GS(?) front end. Unfortunately I've only seen it in heavy traffic and haven't been able to get a good look (or picture).

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Would be pretty cool, but a costly project if done correctly. At a local Volvo joint they've converted a few of the old 70's 2 series into utes. Not exactly the coolest car, but something different in the ute.

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sure it's not a hilux?

It could be - as I said, I didn't get a good look. It definitely has Lexus badges on the back and I'm pretty sure it's a GS front end.

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That ute sound like the one my father owned for about 6 years.

It was a 1999 LX470 and it was converted on the Gold Coast.

It was cut behind the rear doors, a back panel with a rear windscreen was fitted, the chassis was cut and had 700mm inserted. A metal 2200x2000 metal tray was then fitted on the back.

Obviously, there was the usual tail shaft, fuel lines and electrical work as well as an engineer’s certificate required.

It also had an LPG conversion. It used to backfire from time to time and one day it blew the side of the motor out. You could put a tennis ball in the hole! Needless to say, 1 new (second hand) motor sans LPG.

This vehicle was only recently traded at Phil Gilbert Toyota Homebush for a new SR5.

Off Lexus onto Toyota, I own a 2002 GXL 100 series turbo diesel and I did the same conversion as previously described in 2006, and I do not think I will ever get rid of it.

It, as was the LX470, is a real head turner, great to drive but a bugger to park!

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As I previously stated, we sold the Lexus ute conversion but I still own the Land Cruiser that had the same conversion 6 years ago. The LX470 looked exactly the same except for the colour and it had a checker plate deck where this one has a timber deck in the back.

I have put up a couple of pictures in the gallery titled 'Land Cruiser Ute'. Note the tool boxes set into the remains of the rear wheel arches.

Would have like to post them here, but I'm find this site a little difficult to navigate around, but here's the link.


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